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I had thought about this for quite some time, and the formulation of my final critique took quite a bit of my reviewing of all of the p...

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Deviantart's 16th Birthday. by zhidkovv
Mature content
Deviantart's 16th Birthday. :iconzhidkovv:zhidkovv 2 1
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Dragon Heat, Chapter I. :iconzhidkovv:zhidkovv 5 194
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Unity Torn Apart. :iconzhidkovv:zhidkovv 5 32
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Feeling of loneliness. :iconzhidkovv:zhidkovv 6 34
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Dragon Heat, Prologue. :iconzhidkovv:zhidkovv 1 1


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I had thought about this for quite some time, and the formulation of my final critique took quite a bit of my reviewing of all of the pages within this comic so far.
Overall, I must say that this comic is pleasant to go through. It is much better than many other comics I have looked through on Deviant Art, and it is not a chore to go through. (Thank you very much for using proper English grammar and spelling, a big plus from me).
Vision: Your comic created and carried a clear idea to the reader. I knew right off the bat where you are headed with the story, and it stayed fairly linear so far, which I like. (Except the part where they went into some random cave, and ended up meeting just the evil guys Fire was talking about, as well as finding the God-Tree. That was very confusing, as it felt like the comic skipped over a big part of the story and character development). You have avoided stirring up confusing themes and plot-lines, unlike some other newfound comic authors, who try too hard to make the story complicated. So, a well done job in this category.
Originality: This is where your comic is perhaps the weakest. Yes the plot-line is clear and easy to follow, but it is also cliche and rather average. A young hero one day finds out about his destiny from a more powerful and more wise mentor (which is represented both by Fire, Psyro, and Master Rickey), then he goes on a quest to defeat the bad guys who want to do something "bad" (in the eyes of the main characters) to the world. This kind of a plot has been used so many times before, when I was reading your comic I could predict exactly where the story was going to head. In my eyes, you need to work on your story the most, as it is the only things that is inhibiting your comic. My suggestion would be to focus more on Psyro's role in all of this, as his ambiguity can make for a really nice plot-twist. (I do like the character design you have implemented though, they are fun, diverse, and fresh, so that is a plus. The only concept they need to be expanded in is they development, since they do feel a bit shallow right now). In summary, make the plot diverse, make it serious and unpredictable, so it like a wild roller-coaster ride, but don't overdo it.
Technique: Here is where your comic shines the most. You have improved and augmented your art-style as you were working with the comic. Personally, I love your style. It is soft, appealing to the eye, and has a good grasp on environment and character's anatomy. I cannot say much in terms of improvement here since I am not a visual artist, but my recommendation might be to make the backgrounds on some of the scenes a little bit more complex. Like the God-tree scene in the cave, when the gang first discovered it. That could have made for an ass-kicker shot.
Impact: As I said before, due to the plot-line being rather average, the comic produces less of an impact. However, having said that, I still liked the comic for what it is. It still gripped me, and I was interested in finding out what happens on the next page.
Your comic definitely has potential, it just needs a stronger plot to have a sturdy foundation on which you can build and expand further. As a comic artist, you can deliver, and that is confirmed by this comic, but as all of the creators, you have much room for improvement. I have seen you improve your art style, so I have faith in the future of this comic, or other projects you will work on. The main thing to do is to keep working and creating to hone your skills.
I must ask for forgiveness if I sounded a bit too harsh in this critique, but I thought that sugar coating it for you would be a much greater insult. I also must ask for a mini-critique from you, since this is my first one. Please tell me what you thought of my response, and where I can improve.
Deviantart's 16th Birthday.
I had seen the announcement, and I became interested in this gig.
After all, this is something my poor-inner-artist can pull off... And even then, this still looks crappy.
I had something of "A child's mind" circling within my head when made this, so I guess I should present it as such.
Tagged by :iconamcalmaron:

RULE: Use the letters and numbers in your DA name for the first letter of your favorite Songs. Ex: Below. When tagging others, you need the same amount of deviants as the letters of your username. I.E: Zhidkovv is 8 letters and I've tagged 8 deviants. See what I mean? 

This is going to be rather difficult, especially with the Z in my name, but oh well... People, you shall be tagged!

Z - Zwitter - Rammstein
As it goes for all of Rammstein, it was the first music I have ever listened, thanks to my dad. And from them, I fell in love with Alt-rock and later with post-grunge, so they have influenced me in many ways. Respect to this band! (Also it is very hard to find songs that start on Z, give me some credit)

H - Holiday - Green Day
One of the most iconic songs of its time, as well as one of the most iconic bands of its time. Green Day is a very interesting band, and if I cannot say that I like all of their songs, "American Idiot" and Holiday are well worth listening to.

I - In the End - Linkin Park
Also a very iconic song, it is heard by many, if not everyone. It has good sound, nice lyrics, and a damn good band as its creator!

D - Diamond Eyes (Boom-Lay Boom-Lay Boom) - Shinedown
One of my favorite bands, I loved them from the first song I heard by them, "Sound Of Madness". They are post-grunge/alt-rock, with very good lyrics and nice sounds. This song however, is by far my favorite. It is long, with good vocals binding in nice tune. I really recommend to listen to it!

K - Keep The Dogs At Bay - Seether
My second most favorite band, they were the ones who fully opened the doors of post-grunge rock for me. An amazing band, even though their songs feature some dark lyrics ("No Jesus Christ" and "Fmlyhm=Fuck me like you hate me"), and they will be my all time favorite in the list of good music. This song is from their latest album, "Isolate and Medicate", and it is an amazing song too! (Both music wise and that it starts on a K)

O - Over the Hills and Far Away - Nightwish
An amazing group with strong female vocals and a nice combo of orchestral and rock music. However, the lead singer of this song is no longer in the group, thus this song, along with many others hold a special value. I really recommend giving them a try, both with new and old singers, as the group is damn good either way.

V - Victimized - Linkin Park
This song is special to me because it was part of the Playlist that got me over my depression back in 2014. And overall, it is a very good song.

V - Valentine's Day - Linkin Park
Also another song from my depression Playlist. Very nice tune, and a strong ending.

People I volunteer as tributes:
  • Listening to: Shinedown
  • Reading: War and Peace
  • Playing: Torchlight II
  • Drinking: Apple Cider


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Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
I am a novelist, and I am working on reviving an illustrated novel called "Agro". If you somehow found my page, I would really appreciate if you could leave a hint or some other supportive action towards that comic.
Otherwise enjoy the little that I have here!




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